La Berlin, pentru Summitul European al Think Tank-urilor

Miercuri, 14 Martie 2018 | Initiative personale | 1 comentariu

În următoarele 3 zile voi fi pentru prima oară la Berlin, unde reprezint Societatea Academică din România (SAR) la European Think Tank Summit 2018, o conferință internațională organizată de Programul Think Tanks and Civil Societes (Lauder Institute) al Universității din Pennsylvania și Fundația Konrad Adenauer.

Evenimentul adună peste 90 de reprezentanți de ONG-uri din întreaga lume, dar în mod special din Europa. România este reprezentată de SAR și de Expert Forum.

The world is witnessing a rise in populism, nationalism, and protectionism that signals a challenge to the post-WWII order. At the same time, growing transnational challenges such as climate change, mass migration, and refugee crises, as well as traditional and non-traditional security threats, demand that countries and institutions cooperate more regularly and effectively. In addition to these challenges Europe is facing a significant period of crisis and reassessment. The 2018 Europe Think Tank Summit is taking place at a truly extraordinary historical moment for Europe, NATO and EU. The post WWII economic, political and security order are being challenged and redefined by national and regional tectonic shifts in domestics and international politics.


Think tanks play a critical role in analyzing, developing, and promoting policy solutions, particularly in times of extreme disruption and change. However, these organizations now operate in information-rich societies where facts, evidence, and credible research are often ignored — and where “alternative facts” and “fake news” can gain a footing. To remain relevant and impactful, think tanks and policy institutes must simultaneously pursue rigor, innovation, accessibility, and accountability more than ever before. As such, the Summit will explore not only the ways in which think tanks are currently making a difference and are finding solutions to contemporary policy challenges, but how they can become increasingly relevant in these tumultuous times. To that end, in addition to these pressing contemporary policy challenges, the 2018 Europe Think Tank Summit will also focus on sharing the best practices for raising funds, recruiting key staff, harnessing new and innovative technologies, and responding to increased public scrutiny and discontent.

Din păcate, voi rata ședința extraordinară a Consiliului Local de mâine, însă asta nu mă oprește să fac avancronica acestei întruniri și implicit, așa cum v-am obișnuit încă din iunie 2016, să vă informez cu privire la ceea ce sa va discuta și decide în legislativul local băcăuan. Urmează și acel articol până mâine dimineață.

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